Our team of Maternal Fetal Medicine physicians, genetic counselors, nurses and ultra-sonographers are here to ensure that you receive quality, compassionate care during your pregnancy.

Perhaps you fall into one of the high-risk categories or maybe your Obstetrician is concerned that your pregnancy will need more than routine care. Our team is here to determine the appropriate care and to work closely with your Obstetrician throughout your pregnancy.

Our services include:

Preconception Counseling

For women who want to have a baby but worry they may be at risk for complications, we offer preconception counseling. Common reasons for preconception counseling include a family history of genetic disease, personal medical complications or poor outcomes in a previous pregnancy. Your Obstetrician will determine whether the consultation should occur with a physician or genetic counselor.

Perinatal Consultation

Many times, pregnancy will occur in women at risk for complications or complications may arise during a seemingly routine pregnancy. Our board-certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians are available for both outpatient and in-patient consultation to evaluate both the mother and the fetus in order to develop a plan of care.

Prenatal Diagnosis

At each of our three locations, we offer the most advanced ultrasound techniques for identifying and monitoring pregnancies.

Prenatal procedures include:

  • First Trimester Sonographic Evaluation
    • Assessment of viability and determination of gestational age
    • Screening for Down’s Syndrome
  • Second Trimester Sonographic Evaluation
    • Screening for structural birth defects, including defects such as spina bifida, heart defects, cleft lip and skeletal abnormalities
    • Screening for Down’s Syndrome and other genetic abnormalities
    • Fetal echocardiography
    • Evaluation of multiple gestations
  • Prenatal Diagnostic Testing
    • Chorionic villus sampling (removal of a small sample of the developing placenta for genetic testing)
    • Amniocentesis (removal of small samples of amniotic fluid for genetic testing or for assessment of other conditions)
    • Fetal blood sampling
    • Intrauterine transfusion
    • In utero therapies such as shunt placement

Gestational Diabetes Counseling

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common complications of pregnancy affecting approximately 5-10% of pregnant women. While gestational diabetes place pregnancies at risk for complications such as fetal growth problems, cesarean delivery and metabolic abnormalities after delivery, optimizing your blood sugar levels will decrease these complications. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians will discuss this diagnosis with you, develop a plan of care, arrange for consultation with a diabetes educator and work with you to manage your blood sugars.

Genetic counseling

Prenatal genetic counseling is available for individuals, couples, or families who may be at increased risk of having a child with a genetic condition. A counseling session allows patients to learn more about genetic conditions, their individualized risk, and prenatal screening and testing options. Having a family history of a condition, a previous pregnancy affected with a condition, or bloodwork and/or ultrasound results that are suggestive of a condition are common indications to meet with a counselor. However, we welcome all patients who may be interested in learning more, even if they don’t fall in to a high-risk category. We offer genetic screening (carrier screening, expanded carrier screening, NIPT, and maternal serum screening) as well as diagnostic genetic testing (amniocentesis). Preconception counseling prior to pregnancy is also available.